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2013-12-05 - Yashan released his new single "HALLELUJAH" Feat. Senela Jay & Chamath on YES FM - Home grown. Shout out to the Host - Yazmin Yousuf. 

    Check out her blog : http://yazminyousuf.lk

2013-11-19 - Yashan was featured on "THE ISLAND" newspaper

2013-11-03 - Yashan launched his new TV show "MUSIC XPRESS WITH YASHAN" on SIYATHA TV. 

2013-10-27 - Yashan was featured on "SUNDAY TIMES" newspaper.  

2013-10-26 - Yashan was featured on the "WEEKEND FT" newspaper. 

2013-10-25 - Yashan released "LABAGATHTHE AMARUWEN" music video officially on YouTube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPc_gcDK7sM)

2013-10-21 - Yashan released "LABAGATHTHE AMARUWEN" audio on "NETH FM" and "FM DERANA" web. 

2013-10-20 - Yashan was featured on "THE NATION" newspaper.

2013-10-20 - Yashan launched his new production house "OnviA Creations". 

2013-10-20 - Yashan Released "LABAGATHTHE AMARUWEN" music video officially on TV. The web version will be released soon. 

2013-10-15 - Yashan is reaching almost 50,000 fans on his FB fan page. "Hit "LIKE" & stay connected to get all the hot news, pictures & music - http://www.facebook.com/darealyashan

2013-10-10 - Yashan released "LABAGATHTHE AMARUWEN" music video teaser officially on YOUTUBE. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0HXQh8tctg)